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Automatic correction of imported text layers and annotations in AutoCAD. Correct typos, missing text, and text overlaps in layers and annotations automatically, which improves your design workflow.Improved Markup Assist:Replace a text layer or an annotation with a layer automatically when you use the Edit Mask tool. A mask can replace an object such as text or a bevel, and also a group.Improved Text Preview:Get a preview of the text size, location, and orientation on the canvas without exporting a new drawing.Improved markup assist:Insert annotations in a new tab when you save and export your drawing. Insert annotations in another drawing from any of your previous exports.Extensions:Dash for AutoCAD:New components, interactivity and tools make for a better overall experience when drafting in AutoCAD.There are no compatibility issues with AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT.New Features in AutoCAD:New environment management:Explorer with new and improved tools that allow you to use the native tools to open, close, and manage your environment.File Management:New storage management:Inventory management. For the first time, you can manage all your file management with Explorer.Improved User Interface:Touch user interface, including easier access to commands, toolbars, and ribbon items.Enhanced CAD and Drawing Eraser tools:New features such as the ability to erase objects on the background, new tools, or erasers.Enhanced data-driven commands:Command group, command selection, and command updating allow you to perform tasks on groups of commands.Data-driven commands:Moves a selected group of commands. You can also select multiple commands to move in one click.Enhanced performance:Performance and responsiveness of the command line and menus.Enhanced 2D drawing tools:New tools and features that make 2D drafting easier and more productive.Enhanced 3D drafting tools:New tools and features that make 3D drafting easier and more productive.Enhanced web tools:More work and play online. Easier web editing, faster performance, and new ways to interact with your CAD drawings.Enhanced time tracking: 2be273e24d

AutoCAD [Mac/Win] [Updated]

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